Our Story

Best Stone Works, Inc. (BSW) was founded in 1999. We manufacture stone veneer in our facility at 3015 Bellevue Avenue, Wilmington, DE. The company is owned by Howard Garfinkel. 
Howard feels that it important to mention the reason he was able to initially purchase his business. During WWII his father-in-law’s- Uncle, Berthold Politzer, a native of what is today Slovakia, was murdered by the nazi’s. Only two of Berthold’s 8 siblings survived the war. His youngest sister, Elsa knew that Berthold had left money in a Swiss Bank.  When she approached the Banks she was told that she would need a death certificate before the bankers would release any information, or funds.
Institutions like Auschwitz did not provide death certificates. So the family was stymied, and the Swiss used the money until 1997 when the Swiss, who were under enormous international pressure finally began releasing names associated with dormant bank accounts.
Following the war, those in the family who survived became refugees, they went where they could.  Because of the distribution of the money that was in Uncle Berti’s accounts, we are now in better contact with family members who today live in 6 different countries on 4 different continents. It is easy to forget how fortunate we are that we have never had to flee our homes.


Best Stoneworks purchased our building at 3015 Bellevue Ave from the City of Wilmington.  The building is now owned by the Berthold, LLC in honor of Uncle Berti. The City has been good to us!  They not only held the note for the building for enough time for us to become established, but recently they helped us secure long-term, low-interest fixed-rate financing.  Many Thanks to the City of Wilmington!!


Our shop is very close to a work release facility run by the State of Delaware.  We hire many of our employees through this work release program. Currently, over 40% of our employees are reformed(ing) convicts.