Best Stoneworks is a relatively small business. We have been members of ASTM since 2007. As members of subcommittees C15.03 and C15.04, we were involved in writing the specs for the manufacture and installation of Manufactured Veneer Masonry.  


The driving force behind the development of these specifications has been the Masonry Veneer Manufacturers Association. This association has membership that includes multinational corporations who have invested in this industry. These are the installation instructions we recommend for our stone.


A Caution:  Do Not Install our stone without a mortar joint.  We are too far north to not grout the stone.  The grout does two things for you:

  1. It is extra glue

  2. It limits the amount of water that can get behind the stone.  If water does get behind the stone, it will pop-off, especially with the number of freeze thaw cycles that occur during our, typical Mid-Atlantic winters.