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Brown Ledge Stone
Best Stoneworks creates the distinctive look of genuine stone, without the expense

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Stone adds natural beauty around a fireplace, texture to an entryway or grandeur to an entire exterior. Hand-crafted cast stone veneer from Best Stoneworks enables you to create a true stone ambiance at one-quarter to one-third the cost of traditional stone.

Best Stoneworks veneers weigh far less than real stone. But the walls they create appear to be supporting their own weight, just like an authentic stone wall. This is why Best Stoneworks veneers are different.

Whatever the look you want – natural, rugged, elegant, ageless – create it with cast stone veneer from Best Stoneworks.

Cast stone veneer from Best Stoneworks

• The look of authentic stone, at one-quarter to one-third
the price.
• Natural earth colors of traditional Philadelphia-area stone.
• Two styles and many colors to choose from.
• Styles and colors can be mixed and matched.
• Grout selections influence wall color and texture.
• Install over any sheathing material that provides a solid
• Lightweight – no footings or foundations required.
• Easily trimmed with hand tools or a tile saw.
• Cornerstones and keystones available.
• Installation is faster and easier than real stone.
• Manufactured with lightweight aggregate, Portland Cement and mineral colors.
• 20-year limited warranty.

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